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December 2015

A Gluten Free Christmas

I’m so proud of today’s bookings… Gosh its been a long day… Goodnight to you all… Merry Christmas. Hope you enjoy your cakes, cupcakes and cakepops which have been eggless or gluten free xx


Even more Christmas Cupcakes!

I’ve still been busy preparing for orders… They are going out as quick as we receive

them… All nice and fresh…. Yummy… All Eggless cupcakes


Christmas Cupcakes pt2

Christmas Cupcakes

Look what we have been baking, and decorating..
Hope you all enjoy your Christmas cupcakes. Deliveries are out all weekend. Baking fresh cupcakes all Eggless Xx

Cake Pops

Just finished making a bunch of these…

Henna design

First attempt on a mini cake of henna icing… Totally different consistencies between henna and buttercream icing. Not bad for first attempt, it can only improve. Xx

Baby Girl Theme Cupcakes

The baby girl theme cupcakes that got delivery today… All little cupcake toppers are slowly hand made by myself, it takes time but so worth it… Sometimes I was thinking there was too much pink but I suppose the different shades of pink don’t make it over the top. Can’t stop criticising my work, just want to keep on improving and making them perfect.

All these cupcakes are freshly made today, eggless and delivered to your door step. Xx


Lion King Cake

Just finished decorating this Lion King cake…

Animal theme cupcakes

Finally got a chance to sit down… So I’ve had my fair share of hard work of baking and the fun part of decorating cupcakes and cakes… So I will happily share some pictures, please give feedback because I know it tastes good, but I always want to push myself to do better each time. Sometimes I am limited when the client wants particular looks or show me images. So… Let’s see what u think.

Eggless cupcakes and cakes made and decorated by me…xx

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