cake feast

Lion King Cake

Just finished decorating this Lion King cake…


Animal theme cupcakes

Finally got a chance to sit down… So I’ve had my fair share of hard work of baking and the fun part of decorating cupcakes and cakes… So I will happily share some pictures, please give feedback because I know it tastes good, but I always want to push myself to do better each time. Sometimes I am limited when the client wants particular looks or show me images. So… Let’s see what u think.

Eggless cupcakes and cakes made and decorated by me…xx

Christmas Orders

From now until mid January I will only be taking orders for Vanilla, red velvet and chocolate cupcakes, unfortunately I won’t be able to do any other flavour (lemon, mint, caramel etc), but they will still be eggless. Also gluten free I will only be baking Vanilla or Chocolate cupcakes.

The cakes will be available as vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, lemon and carrot cake flavours only… I won’t be able to do any rainbow 7 coloured cakes until mid Jan since they are too time consuming. 3 types of fillings will be vanilla, chocolate, or cream cheese… Choose fresh or butter cream…xx

Cake pops – I will be only making vanilla or Chocolate unless special orders of red velvet.

So far a lot of you have placed your orders for Christmas and I appreciate this since the week leading to Christmas is extremely busy for us baking everything fresh. I will make sure all orders are delivered on Christmas eve.

Many thanks xx

Chocolate cake pops

Hand delivered some cake pops. These are chocolate cake pops… All eggless xx

Special times

Just sat down after making a special cake…

Cake Pops

I’ve had the pleasure to make over 175 of these cake pops this weekend… All covered with white chocolate and sparkles for a wedding day…



I’m never going to make a heart shaped cake again… It’s too hard… Lol

Right… Nap time or decorate cakes??? What to do???

Beautiful cupcakes

What a fantastic day of decorating and more baking for tomorrow all ready… I had the pleasure of baking these beautiful cupcakes and cakepops for my dear friends who I love so so much… They are closer to me than Some family members. They stand with us through good and bad times, and baking for them has been a pleasure… Hope u enjoy the pictures. All cakes and cupcakes are Eggless xx

Late Night…

I had a late night baking last night, but this morning I’m decorating… Best part of baking… I will share pictures of cupcakes, cake pops and a few other things I’m planning on doing today xx

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